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How to install Mono and MonoDevelop on a Debian-based system and get IceChat 9 working

Installing Mono and MonoDevelop on a Debian-based system

Things Necessary:
  • An installed Linux distribution (standalone or virtual machine)
  • An internet connection

First off I am going to assume that you already have a Linux distribution installed, either as a Virtual machine or as a standalone OS. This guide will work for both. This guide is written specifically for the more common distributions and has been tested using the following: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian. But will more than likely work on other Distributions, because Linux is more or less the same when it comes the basic things. If you need specific help on a Distribution, you can always ask for help on the IRC channel for that version.

if you are running Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot you may come across issues with installing and compiling icechat. may help with later versions as well
Known issues with Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot
You must have root access to install anything on Linux, all that means is that you have to know the root password. Go to the package manager, Called Synaptic Package manager in debian based distributions

Once you try to open the package manager it will ask you for the root password, type it in.

Now click the ‘reload’ button to update the package manager.

Once the Package manager opens, there should be a column with different options to sort packages by category (generally on the left(, make sure that ‘All’ is selected.
Next, type ‘mono’ in the search bar. Once the search is finished, the first selection that comes up should be something similar to ’mono-utilis’ the description should be Mono Utilities. Right-click on it and select ‘mark for installation’.

After you do that a window will pop-up with the heading “Mark additional required changes?” and give you a list of things that have to be installed with mono as well just click the ‘mark’ button.

Go back up to the search bar and type in ‘monodevelop’ from there do the same thing as before, right-click on the first one and select ‘mark for installation’ and then click ‘mark’ for the required packages.

Then click the ‘apply’ button in the manager and wait for it to install ‘mono’ and ‘monodevelop’.

*(It is important to select Mono and monodevelop separately. I got errors trying to install monodevelop without first selecting mono)

Compiling the source code with Monodevelop

Things needed:
  • Internet Connection
  • Mono and monodevelop installed
  • Icechat Source code
Latest version may be downloaded at:

Once you have followed and completed the tutorial on how to install mono and monodevelop then it’s time to get Icechat2009 beta up and running.

Extract the source files that you have downloaded to a folder. For this tutorial I will refer to that folder as ‘Icechatsource’. The zip folder was probably put in the downloads folder unless you put it elsewhere.

Either, Open monodevelop and drag and drop the file icechat2009.sln from the ‘icechatsource’ folder into monodevelop, or just click on the icechat2009.sln file and it should open in monodevelop.

From there Click on The Run Tab up top and select run. It should run Icechat in its default first start mode. If that works close it and click on the Build tab at the top and select Build All.

If all goes well the Icechat2009.exe should be placed in …/icechatsource/bin/debug

Now we have to tell linux to run icechat2009 with mono. Unfortunately simply clicking on the exe won’t work so things get a little technical but not too bad.

First, after ensuring that the icechat2009.exe has been created and you know where it is, close monodevelop.

Second, go to your desktop and right-click and select ‘Create Launcher’. From there a window will pop up with some Boxes, Make sure the Type drop down has ‘Applications’ selected. Name it whatever you want.

Now for Command: Click on the ‘Browse’ button next to the box and navigate to the icechat2009.exe, Click Open. The Path should look something like this
Now all you have to do is type the work ‘mono infront of the path in the Command box, For Example:
‘mono /home/rich/Downloads/Icechatsource/bin/Debug/IceChat2009.exe’
Now click the OK button on the Launcher window and all should be good to go!

Click on the launcher to run Icechat2009 Beta!!

Congratulations Enjoy
If you have icechat beta installed with windows and want to copy your settings and scripts over to Linux then follow the next guide>

.XML files in Icechat2009

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