Here are some of the know problems with Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot involved with setting up icechat 9.
If these issues exist in a later version of ubuntu these solutions may work.

If other issues are found, please mention in icechat IRC at: #icechat2009
*monodevelop cannot find C# library
*Synaptic Package manager does not exist

Installing the C# library for monodevelop

1. Open Synaptic Manager - (install with directions below)
2. make sure "All" is selected in the left-hand column
3. type "mono-gmcs" into the search bar
4. Right-click "mono-gmcs" and select mark for installation
5. Click "mark" to allow it to select required dependencies
6. Click "Apply" in Synaptic and let it do its course.

Installing Synaptic Package Manager 

This is one of the most important programs in Ubuntu
  1. First Open Ubuntu Software Center; this can be found on the right hand panel if you are using the default Unity
  2. search for "synaptic package manager"
  3. Click install in top-right; type in root password if it asks and let it do its thing.
Synaptic manager can be opened from the Dash by searching for it by name.

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