XML files in Icechat2009

This guide is not complete

Xml files are what Icechat2009 uses to store your customized settings. The save everything, including aliases, colors, fonts, messages, servers & server settings, and a few other things.

Each setting type has its own xml files. Currently there are 10 that need to be copied to transport your settings from one copy of IC2009 to another. But if you want to give your friend you theme color and message theme then you probably don’t want to give him your server file (then he will lose his server settings and probably get some login info)

So when sharing themes you want to give the Colors-ThemeName.xml and the Mesages-ThemeName.xml
if you don't see these files then go make a them and name it, that way it doesn't overwrite you're friends theme

*by default IceChat makes XML files for settings. These have the format IceChatColors.xml, IceChatMessages.xml etc.

Well now where to find them and where to place the files.

Open IC2009 on the system where you want to copy the files from. (I did this to copy my setting from windows to linux but it’s the exact same)
Go to Help->Browse Data Folder
Copy all the .xml files for the to some portable device

Open IC2009 on the machine that you want to have the settings on and open IC2009 and do the same thing as before, Go to Help->Browse Data Folder

I suggest that you make a folder named XML backup first and put the already existing files in there and then paste the ones that you are copying over in the original folder, if something goes wrong then you just copy the files form the backup and try again.

Once you have the files in the icechat folder you need to go into ICeChat2009 under Colors>Themes and click 'Load Theme'

If you would like to test this you can download my Theme that I have attached here: Ahoalton's theme.zip

Paste the files in the original directory where the files should go, and then restart IC2009

comment if you have any problems or ask on #icechat in irc.quakenet.org

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