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IceChat 9.14 Full Install

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Released: Oct 8, 2016
Updated: Oct 8, 2016 by IceChat
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Application icechat-setup.exe
application, 1091K, uploaded Oct 8, 2016 - 62086 downloads

Release Notes

Build 9.14 October 8 2016
  • When changing your nickname, and you have a nickserv password, it will re-auth with nickserv if it asks for a password again
  • Remove the tooltip for the status bar
  • Added /totray command to place IceChat on the system tray

Build 9.13d Sept 3 2016
  • Minor tweak to the Server XML restore function
  • Do not perform a whois when *status (znc) messages
  • WALLOPS now show properly in the Console
  • Ignore List now works properly with Nick!Ident@, !Ident@, Nick!@* wildcards
  • Longer messages are now automatically split up (over 350 characters)
  • Fixed bug where scrollbar may disappear on Server List when IceChat is maximized

Build 9.13a Aug 2 2016
  • Hitting up/down arrow before hitting enter on a line will save it to the buffer
  • Changed CAP LS to CAP LS 302 for IRCv3.2
  • IRCv3 3.2 Change Host (CHGHOST) implemented
  • IRCv3 3.2 Invite Notify implemented
  • IRCv3 3.2 account-msg implemented
  • IRCv3 3.2 echo-message implemented with Option
Build 9.13 July 3 2016
  • Fix font problem introduced in 9.12

Build 9.12 July 2 2016
  • Added Setup irc:// links menu item to Main Menu, to setup irc:// links

Build 9.10i June 25 2016
  • Change some options in the Server Editor to be disabled when the server is connected
  • Added servers will reconnect after system awakes from sleep, waits 15 seconds to re-connect
  • Added option in display to sort nicks by nick only (no regard for status)

Build 9.10h June 18 2016
  • Added Google plugin to source code
  • Re-arranged the folders for all the source
  • Removed MONITOR support as many servers that declare it supports MONITOR, and they do not

Build 9.10g June 11 2016
  • Added popup menu for DCC Files in Server tree
  • Fix channel info window not resetting channel modes on disconnect

Build 9.10f June 5 2016
  • Added /aquery command to message all open queries on a server
  • Fixed issue with removing a tab ion the console, did not remove windows, while in windowed mode
  • Started with making backups of XML files on start up, used for restoring if XML file goes corrupt
  • Fix bug with popupmenus from Server Tree not working when server was disconnected

Build 9.10e May 23 2016
  • Fixed tabs flashing issue, was not flashing channels on server tree when channel bar was hidden
  • /dns command now does a reverse dns if passed an IP Address
  • Fix with Menu's for Plugins not properly refreshing , added a new event before menu shows
  • Channel lists for larger networks made a little more efficient in listing speed

Build 9.10d April 29 2016
  • Update some error extra handling for parsing identifiers
  • Removed link to Codeplex

Build 9.10c April 16 2016
  • Added conditional statement for allowing to use TLS 1.1/1.2 when compiled with .net 4

Build 9.10b April 3 2016
  • Added -nosplash command line parameter to disable splash screen
  • Added option to disable logging for entire server. Needs to be changed before server is connected.
  • Added /rejoin command to rejoin last channel parted on server
  • Added /rejoinlist command to show all channels parted on server
  • Added /rejoinall command to rejoin last channel parted for all servers
  • Added /rejoinlistall command to show all channels parted on all servers
  • Fix issue with some nicks being ignored randomly
  • Fix issue with closing debug window closes a channel list instead

Build 9.10a, March 26, 2016
  • Fix Project file for .Net 4.5 / VS 2015
Build 9.10, March 25 2016
  • Changed sound settings for the nickname in a channel to not override the channel message sound
  • Added /colortab #channel <color#> to allow to change the color of the tab
  • Added /emoticons #channel <on/off> to enable or disable emoticons in a specific channel
  • Fix issue with IPv6 servers not connecting
  • Fix issue with null items in the Server XML file creating errors
  • Can now use color/bold codes in Fullname, Quit message and Auto perform in Server Editor

Build 9.08a, November 28 2015
  • Transparency setting is now saved
  • Fixed issue with Self Channel Message , $color not working properly
  • Added Projects for VS2015 using .Net 4.5

Build 9.08, November 7 2015
  • Removed IRC Search because IRCIndexer has gone offline

Build 9.08, November 7 2015
  • Fix issue with queries being used when a nick change to a previous nick after disconnection
  • Add ability to ignore hosts
  • Added CAP NEW / LIST for ircv3

Build 9.07b, August 3 2015
  • Fix issue with some user modes interfering with nicks (like mode -)
  • Send away commands disabled by default
  • Minor fix with Nicks not showing in the nick list

Build 9.07a, July 2 2015
  • Fix issue with closing window and proper tab not selected in server tree
  • Fix issue with multiline editbox not returning to top corner of box on Enter
  • Highlite plugin updated to v2.9, fix more regex issues
  • Updater updated to check for Plugin updates
  • Added /updater command to manually run IceChat Updater
  • Don't allow Settings/Colors/Server Editor/IceChat Editor windows to be opened multiple times
  • Fix issue with blank value being added for QuickConnect window
  • Ability to move AutoJoin Channels up or down in list
  • Fix issue with Loading a new theme does not save the theme in the list
  • Few minor fixes for the IceChat 7 settings importer
  • Fix Close Window in Server Tree for Channel List not working
Build 9.07, May 9 2015
  • Added account to to values sent for ChannelJoin event in plugins
  • other minor fixes and updates

Build 9.06a, Apr 10 2015
  • Fix Buddy List Issues
  • Fix SASL Authentication, was not working some networks

Build 9.06, Mar 13 2015
  • Change Close Window to Close Query for Query windows
  • Highlite plugin updated to v2.8, fix more regex issues

Build 9.05, Mar 13 2015
  • Added scroll bar to topic box in Channel Info window
  • Added /searchchannel and /searchnetwork commands for the IRC Indexer service

Build 9.04b, Mar 4 2015
  • Fix issue with clicking on X to close iceChat, and it auto closes channels if closing was canceled
  • Panel behind buttons on Server Tree/Nicklist now set as color of Tab bar background
  • Added AutoPerform Startup commands to Default Server Settings - These commands run on IceChat Startup
  • /timer command now works with no server connection, to add a global timer, use "-g" for the start Timer ID

Build 9.04a, Feb 27 2015
  • Fixed bug with manually connecting autostart servers
  • Fix URL parsing issues, with dropping h from http:// and such

Build 9.04, Feb 26 2015
  • Added option to lock window size, from Main menu
  • Highlite plugin updated to v2.7, fix regex issues
  • Fixed /switch command bug
  • Fixed menu background color not being applied on startup
  • Resetting default Menu Style now works properly
  • Buddy List and Channel List header fore color now selectable
  • Added extra channel mode parsing
  • Added VBScript Plugin to Plugins Folder

Build 9.03, Feb 17, 2015
  • Fix reconnect issue with servers, erroring out
  • added /switch command for allowing to switch to a specific channel on a server (/switch #channel serverID)

Build 9.02, Feb 13, 2015
  • fix some line wrapping issues with certain character codes
  • Add reconnect time option in server editor (default 60 seconds)

Build 9.01r, Feb 11, 2015
  • expanded /server command to allow for -i and -j switches
  • Highlite plugin updated to 2.4
  • allow for empty Away nick to disable changing nicks when using /away
  • fix ircv3 issue with not sending CAP END

Build 9.01q, Feb 5, 2015
  • Fix modes t and n not showing properly in channel info window
  • Made topic box in channel info window larger
  • fix error using ctrl-w to close private message tabs

Build 9.01p, Feb 4, 2015
  • Fix nicklist paint errors

Build 9.01n, Feb 4, 2015
  • Search Menu added for searching in client for irc channels/networks, provided by
  • Fix issue with ()'s in url's
  • Fix issues with windows not closing on middle click of channel bar in windowed mode
  • Add IceChatBuild.4.0.cmd for users who have errors with IceChatBuild.cmd
  • Nick complete (tab) now works mid sentence
  • fix /names and /who issue

Build 9.01m, Jan 18, 2015
  • Fixes identifiers not parsing properly with multiline aliases

Build 9.01k, Jan 15, 2015
  • Fixes to the part events not working for Hide

Build 9.01j, Jan 15, 2015
  • Fixes to the change events from server tree
  • Fix saving channel position on BNC Connections

Build 9.01i, Jan 15, 2015
  • Added Newtonsoft.Json.dll for parsting JSON data
  • Added channel and network search under Search menu
  • Search bar shows in Channel List after list is completed
  • Add ability to change join/part/quit messages on a per channel basis, from the server tree

Build 9.01h, Dec 30, 2014
  • Minor GUI updates

Build 9.01g, Dec 17, 2014
  • fix html logging problems with background colors
  • added Duplicate in server settings to duplicate server

Build 9.01d, Dec 5, 2014
  • Switching to windowed mode now asks for a confirmation
  • Ctrl-A in multiline edit box now selects all
  • popups from plugins now show in windows as well
  • Server Editor returns error if empty details entered

Build 9.01c, Nov 16, 2014
  • have channel bar icons in sync
  • fix html logging problems

Build 9.01b, Nov 10, 2014
  • fix popup menu commands not working
  • /names and /who now work for channels you are not in
  • middle click in Server Tree now also closes Channel lists
  • added [] as valid characters in URL's
  • allow half-ops to remove bans from Channel Info window
  • Multiline inputbox, Shift-Enter goes to new line, Enter now sends message
  • Show user mode for channels in status bar

Build 9.01a, Oct 11, 2014
  • restore to previous utf8 decoding, new way did not work

Build 9.01, Oct 8, 2014
  • work on detached windows closing, errors
  • start of remember/restore tab order

Build 9.01, Oct 7, 2014
  • silence messages returned with proper formatting
  • pinning allowed for more types of tabs
  • window captions show network for channels and queries
  • added window list to windows menu in windowed mode
  • /names command now allows a nicklist refresh
  • changed add to autojoin to toggle autojoin in menu
  • fix issue with alt nicks overriding main

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